60 years of travel and innovation!

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary and to further underline its dreams of adventure and limitless travel, Pilote is launching its new Atlas range on Ford Trail chassis .


In 1976, following a trip to the United States, the co-founder of the Pilote brand began producing motorhomes, convinced of the future of this new way of taking holidays. Two years later, the famous R360 nasturtium displayed the four letters of the legendary American brand on its front grille FORD.


In order to appeal to the more adventurous, Pilote has opted for a sporty design with a distinctive grille, black 16" wheels and above all a chassis with enhanced traction. A vehicle designed for its customers who never give up on an ideal spot or a great view.

Pilote ATLAS and the Ford Trail chassis

What is the Ford Trail chassis?

The Ford Trail chassis is designed for difficult terrain. It features a limited-slip differential that reduces wheel spin on loose surfaces and rough roads. By redistributing power to the wheel with the most grip, this system helps to keep the vehicle moving forward in all terrain and improves stability.

What are the dimensions of this Atlas?

This 6m long and 2.65m high van (L3H3) offers a layout designed for adventurers, with an XXL cargo hold that can store a wide variety of equipment.

When will it be on sale ?

On sales in the spring, this special "60 years of Pilot" edition will be offered with numerous equipment adapted to those looking for great autonomy, such as the diesel heating or the 2 high performance solar panels.

Where can I see it?

You can see it at the : - Düsseldorf Fair from August 27 to September 4, Hall 17 / A40-01 - A40-04 - Paris SVDL from 24 September to 2 October, Hall 5 Stand B18 - B20

Pilote & Ford

Four letters still symbolising the identity of Pilote more than ever


A passionate family that has always been committed to developing elegant and practical vehicles to facilitate all journeys.

Our awesome features

With this return to the sources, to this inspiration from the United States and the brand's first partner.

Our awesome features

Synonymous of the unconditional love of travel and wide open spaces that has animated Pilote since its foundation

Our awesome features

which makes its vehicles unique throughout Europe.

Our awesome features

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